Birdened is a 2D platformer following two animal friends as they attempt to escape a dark underground cavern. Development began as a university project using Game Maker to learn the engine, and has since grown into a larger passion project. Early artwork assistance was provided by Carly McGowan – these days I jump between design, art, programming and music myself.


In early 2018 I put this project on hold indefinitely to pursue some smaller projects that could be released faster to build up my portfolio. I may come back to Birdened in future when I can find the right team to help shoulder the workload, but for now I’m happy with the skills it taught me during its development process. The time spent learning to work with shaders, surfaces, triangle strips, memory management etc has all proved invaluable for more recent projects such as Mimi’s Delivery Dash.

– 2015 Playable Demo on (Requires Xbox 360 Controller)
– Development Blog
– Early Design Document