Originally developed as an entry for Ludum Dare 39 to the theme of “Running Out of Power”, Fruiog Fishin is an arcade-style score attack game where you play a fish, feeding fruit to a fat frog as fast as you can.


Players can carry up to 7 fruit at a time, and taking the time to find similar fruit will affect your score bonus multiplier upon delivery. However each subsequent fruit item will hinder your travel speed — be careful how many you decide to pick up if you want to make it back in time.


The game uses a gameboy-inspired HUD boundary to represent how much time you have before game over. I created a brightness/saturation shader to gradually adjust the palette depending on your “health” and remaining time — if you can barely see where you’re going, you can be certain that you’re close to death.



You can download Fruiog Fishin on my itch.io page here, free.